Birth Doulas and Midwives: Your Perfect Pregnancy Pairing

Often times when I introduce myself and tell people what I do I hear, "Oh! Like a Midwife!"

While the idea of doula support is becoming more recognized and known throughout the United States, many people still have a hard time differentiating between doulas and midwives. Doulas are definitely not midwives and while we do both support clients and birthing families, there are some key differences.

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Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

You ate your what?!

Placenta encapsulation is a trending option in Kansas City right now and everyone from celebrities like the Kardashians to the mom next door is raving about the wondrous effects of these small, inconspicuous capsules. While it may be the latest hot trend, the practice of placenta consumption has been reported for centuries.

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Mop When the Baby Mops

Have you heard that well-meaning advice, "Sleep when the baby sleeps"?

Has it ever caused you to roll your eyes?

I know it has me.

Sleep when the baby sleeps would be great advice if we could also, you know, do dishes when the baby does dishes or mop when the baby mops.

Make no mistake, your job is to rest as much as you can! You just gave birth to a baby and your body is rapidly changing. But how are you supposed to rest when so much needs to be done??

What is a newly postpartum mom to do when the dishes, milk-covered laundry and dust are piling up but you're told you need to take it easy and recover?

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