"Attachment Parenting" is Bull%$&@

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Yes, you read that correctly.

"Attachment Parenting" is absolute crap.

So is "Scheduled Parenting", "Free-Range Parenting" and any other ridiculous label we put on people.

As parents we all make choices for our children. We make choices that feel right to us. It's our job to navigate the world for them while they're learning. We help teach them how to eat, fall asleep, be kind, and take care of themselves.

Somewhere along the way we decided that there was a right way to parent all children and then we put labels on it.

But saying there's a "right" and a "wrong" way to parent is making the assumption that every child is the same. And that's why I'm calling bull.

Every. Single. Child. is a unique individual with different facets, preferences, thoughts, and feelings. Parenting them all the same would be like trying to fit a square, circle, triangle, and octagonal peg through a round hole. Some of them just won't fit that mold.

Every. Single. Parent. is a unique individual as well. When you put the label of "Whatever Parent" on a person you put them in a box. A very small box at that.

There is a broad spectrum of parenting styles from Attachment to Scheduled and everywhere in between. Within that spectrum you may make some choices that lean one way and some that lean the other. And we love that.

No matter what the latest book, study, or blog article says, we think parents know their children best. These choices don't contradict themselves, they're the choices that feel right to you as an individual.

So let's put away the labels, the restrictions, and the judgment. Let's come together and understand that the way Susie parents may be different from the way Mary parents and that as long as their children are loved and taken care of, there isn't a "wrong" way!

The parenting style we support is your parenting. We believe in your instincts and judgment. You know your family best.

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