Mop When the Baby Mops


Have you heard that well-meaning advice, "Sleep when the baby sleeps"?

Has it ever caused you to roll your eyes?

I know it has me.

Sleep when the baby sleeps would be great advice if we could also, you know, do dishes when the baby does dishes or mop when the baby mops.

Make no mistake, your job is to rest as much as you can! You just gave birth to a baby and your body is rapidly changing. But how are you supposed to rest when so much needs to be done??

What is a newly postpartum mom to do when the dishes, milk-covered laundry and dust are piling up but you're told you need to take it easy and recover?

We have a few ideas. 

Enlist Help

You know that army of friends and family who comes bearing lasagna and exclaim "GIVE ME THAT BABY!" the second they walk in? Let them know that baby snuggles are first come, first serve and that the easiest way to get to the front of the line is to wash a dish!

Accept Help

If your visitors are the type of guests who offer help, take it. Make a list of normal day-to-day chores and hang it on the fridge. Let them know they can reference that for ideas on how to help.

Hire Help

Hire a Postpartum Doula to help with not only the inevitable build up of clutter but also with personal care, newborn care, meals, breast or bottle feeding tips, safety standards, monitoring of your mental wellness, referrals to trusted providers around your area and even more sleep. If there's one thing our postpartum clients comment on it is the increased amount and quality of sleep when we're there!

The secret to ensuring everything is done without you overexerting yourself is to make sure your postpartum plan is rock-solid with support, meals and resources.

Haven't started planning? No worries! We do that.

Lining up your help can turn your eye roll into sweet, sweet sleep.

Go ahead, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Mallory Shannon is a birth and postpartum doula and owner of Kansas City Family Birth. Learn more about working with her here.