BIRTHFIT: Taking Care During Pregnancy and Postpartum


Self care during and after pregnancy is essential to mom’s and baby’s well-being. We know this. It sounds a bit common sense. But sadly, we’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle. The concept of true, nurturing, nourishing self care is a bit lost and very confusing in our culture. How much should I exercise? How often? Can I continue doing what I have been at the same intensity? What are really the best foods for me and my baby? How do I get back to being physically active after this baby comes and when is it best? Overwhelming, right? Add in the angst of knowing this baby has to come out of you plus becoming a parent and we have already started down a very steep and slippery slope into a dark valley terrible misinformation and hearsay.


We all have heard by now the benefits of physical activity: increased endorphins (happy hormones), decreased lipid (fat) tissue, increased muscle mass, insulin sensitivity and metabolic capacity, increased maximal oxygen use and energy generated, and an increased sense of overall well-being just to name a few. These benefits don’t stop because of pregnancy, but become even more important. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t sign up for a marathon or big athletic event without preparing, training, and getting your mind and body ready would you? And isn’t laboring a baby the biggest athletic event of a woman’s life?


In my previous professional life before becoming a birth and postpartum doula I worked with athletes of all calipers to ensure their utmost safety, physical fitness, and well-being. Through specific and intentional exercises, nutrition, mental work and visualization, and holistic and wholistic care, many of the athletes I worked with became well known in their sport or event winning awards and acknowledgement in the athletic world. Transition to today and I still am working to achieve the same goals, but with a different type of athlete: the mom-to-be and Mother.  


BIRTHFIT Kansas City is a movement, a call to action. It is an empowered and educated state of readiness specific to childbirth achieved through an evolved practice of nutrition, fitness, chiropractic care, and mindset. I am not just about rockin’ out your maternity clothes or losing the “baby weight.” I’m about aiming to empower, educate, and support. I encourage my clients to be as physically active as they feel they can be and not be afraid to push themselves hard to ensure they are as physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for the tasks (labor and motherhood) ahead. I also emphasize the importance of intentional rehabilitation of the mind, body, and spirit post-birth.


The BIRTHFIT Kansas City Postpartum Series is created for mamas 2 weeks to 12 months postpartum to rehab your body, mind, and soul in 8-session group training series. Mamas will reestablish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance their posture through safe, effective and intentional functional movements. You’ll sweat and connect with other mamas as well as get yourself ready to get back to whatever form of physical activity you love whether it CrossFit, running, yoga, whatever. Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning November 29th and ending December 22nd, we’ll meet for an hours worth of awesomeness at 2020 Fitness in Prairie Village. Register your spot at, babies welcome (just remember a carrier).


I also have the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series beginning Saturdays November 12th 9am-12pm at Balanced Body Holistic Health in Olathe. In four, 3-hour group sessions, you and your birth partner will become educated and prepared for birth. Think Childbirth Ed 101 with so much more. We discuss the BIRTHFIT four pillars of fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset and  discuss child birth, experience functional mobility, natural movement, and breath work. We will work to create your birth desires and preferences as your personal Queen in Training postpartum plan. Space is limited so register soon at


Together let’s put in the work and time to ensure your have the birth and postpartum of your dreams. I hope to see you soon!




Chelsea Craig MK, ATC, LAT