We Love KC - Abi's Favorite Things

Hello everybody! My name is Abi. I'm a birth and postpartum doula with KCFB. My husband and I live in Platte City, which is just a little north of Kansas City, and our hearts live in the entire KC metro area. I have a few favorite places around the city, today I'm going to dish!

Itsy Bitsy Bums in Brookside - IBB is basically mom heaven. They sell cloth diapers, baby wearing apparatuses, toys, books, mom centered products, clothes, baby moccasins, and more! I'm a bit obsessed with this place! They try to do as much as they can to bring in local and small shop lines. Just all the love for this place! (Also, I also work here a few days after week! So fun!)

UpDown in Downtown KC - This one comes to you from Mr. Wagner. It's his favorite spot to grab a beer and relax, while getting to play video games, of course! They have a spacious outdoor area, which is my favorite (what a view!), that has giant jenga and connect four. Great drink prices, good food, chill atmosphere, and video games. What's not to love?

The Midland in Downtown KC - Oh Midland… This ridiculously beautiful concert venue has been in my life since I started going to concerts. It's definitely the perfect spot to see your favorite band. Pro Tip: If The Chandelier Bar is open GO to there. The view is unbeatable!

Mr. Le's Sushi in Gladstone- Okay, so this place is a total hidden gem. The first time I had sushi here I was BLOWN AWAY. The service is spectacular, the sushi is amazing, it's a family business and THE Mr. Lee is the guy behind the sushi, so you're always getting top notch quality!

Riverview Park in Platte City- Okay, I'm a little bias to this particular park because it happens to be just a couple miles from my house. It is just beautiful though! My husband and I have three energetic dogs and when we moved up here, we lost our 2 acre backyard. Needless to say, the park has been our saving grace! It has a full soccer and baseball field, a steller kids playground (which my dogs like to use as an agility course), and a frisbee golf course!

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