The Back Up Myth


The day you hire your doula is often one that leaves a sense of accomplishment.

You've looked at websites, interviewed, and hired one you thought was a great fit. They're with you through every ache and pain, every concern and appointment. They're the ones always checking in and asking how you're doing who you don't mind. (Let's be real, that can get annoying.)

Finally, the day arrives where the rubber meets the road and all of your preparation comes into play.

You text your doula, "Hey! I'm having contractions that are pretty regular."

Your doula texts back, "Oh, that's great! I'm out of town, but I'll be sending my backup doula."

Out of town? Backup doula?

Then a flurry of activity happens that you'll never see. "Can you back me up?"

"I have a client in labor and I need someone to back me up."

"I need a doula to attend this birth!"

And the backup doula is sent.

You've never met this doula, you don't know much about them. Does your birth go beautifully? Probably! But it's not what you had envisioned.

The myth of the back up is that doulas have them. Often their backups are someone they found on Facebook right after you texted. Is that fine? Probably.

Kansas City Family Birth skips over this risk of getting an under-qualified doula by working with a pool of vetted doulas who know what they're doing. We use an "integrated backup" method, ensuring that there's no scrambling, no worrying, and no desperation to find someone highly skilled and qualified to attend your birth. When you hire your doula with KCFB, you hire the KCFB team to be there should you need us.

By working with like-minded doulas and ensuring backups are matched based on skill level, our clients can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, they're 100% supported.

Whether it's your doula, your birth photographer, or your OB, having a backup in place from the moment you sign your contract is absolutely imperative. 

We're so thankful that our clients are able to trust every member of the KCFB team and know that there's never a moment when we don't know exactly who is going to attend their birth. That's why we do what we do.

Take Care.

♥ - M