Pregnant in Kansas City: Building a Supportive Team


Pregnancy can be such a beautiful time in a person's life.

From joy to uncertainty, your new baby will bring with them so many different emotions and changes. 

On your list of  things "to do" are "find a maternity hospital" and "figure out what baby stuff I need". It can often get overwhelming when looking at the list a mile long while simultaneously dealing with that first trimester exhaustion.

We've been there.

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, your baby, and your family is the gift of support. A doula is someone who serves families in the prenatal, birth, and postpartum space, bringing experience, knowledge, and education to each one. 

During your pregnancy, your doula is there for every kick, every pain, every emotion. They are one phone call or text away, ready to help you decipher exactly what's going on. A late night cramp in your side? We can help you figure out if it's worth a call to your doctor or if it's something super normal. Feeling contractions? We're right there helping you figure out when it's go time! Prenatally a doula is an amazing resource of everything from info to referrals!

Birth is often the event that everyone is preparing for almost 40 long weeks for. With the prenatal prep your doula walks through with you and your partner, physical support, and emotional connection, you'll be ready to face whatever comes your way. Birth is beautiful and unpredictable. Wild like the wind. It's something that no one can "plan" but we can dream, decide, and navigate. Once it takes off, often it's more of a "go with the flow" type situation. Choosing a trusted care provider (an OBGYN or midwife), a strong birth team (your partner, doula, and anyone you may want there for comfort), and a strong postpartum support team (your partner, family members, and the care of a postpartum doula or newborn care specialist) will make sure things go smoothly for you as you walk through birth and bringing your new baby earthside.

After birth is where the rubber hits the road. From breastfeeding issues to Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) like Postpartum Depression (PPD) or Posptartum Anxiety (PPA), there are a host of things that may arise for even the most prepared family unit. This is where a Family and Infant Care Specialist comes in. Finding care for your family after baby has arrived may be the most under-used and important tip for making sure the transition is easier for everyone.

From conception to parenthood, the best advice we can give you is find your people and ask them for help. Surround yourself with supportive, positive people who will help you walk through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with support and excitement! 

Congratulations on your new journey!

♥ - KCFB