Your Birth Story is NOT Your Doula's


I feel like I need to address something. Something that's actually kind of prevalent in the doula community.

Our client's birth stories are not ours to tell.

And while that might seem pretty silly to have to actually say, it's necessary.

In our world of social media, there are avenues galore where we can share stories and experiences. Some of those spaces are doula-specific spaces, where we go to a secret group to ask our colleagues for advice or thoughts on any number of singular details pertaining to birth and parenting. Recently in one of our private local groups, a conversation happened which sparked some very intense opinions. And that's fine.

What happened afterwards was not fine.

A public blog post was written, detailing a client's birthing experience for anyone with the internet to find. 

I feel compelled to completely condemn this. As a doula, as someone who has used a doula, as a human being, it is unacceptable for a professional of any sort to recount someone's birth story to prove a point. Especially when that point stands to create monetary gain for the professional.

You won't find birth stories on our blog, our website, or anywhere in our social media histories. There's a huge difference between, "My experience with this issue is this..." and, "Here is my client's birth story, in detail, without their name..."

Your birth story is not your doula's to tell, to share, or to write.

Your birth story is your own and I want you to know, it is safe with us.

♥ - Mallory