Placenta Encapsulation in Kansas City

You ate your what?!

Placenta encapsulation is a trending option in Kansas City right now and everyone from celebrities like the Kardashians to the mom next door is raving about the wondrous effects of these small, inconspicuous capsules. While it may be the latest hot trend, the practice of placenta consumption has been reported for centuries.

So- what's the big deal? How do they work?

Ask someone who has chosen to have their placenta encapsulated, and it's likely you'll get a similar answer: "I had more energy! I felt great, more emotionally even, and my healing was quicker. My milk supply was great for breastfeeding."
The theory behind placenta encapsulation is that your placenta retains hormones and when taken orally, helps your hormone levels to balance out more steadily, instead of the sudden crash many women often experience after childbirth. However, there are no valid studies published yet to show us exactly what is in those little miracle capsules, so some theorize the effect is purely anecdotal. What we do know is a study at University of Nevada on Self Reported Motivations and Experiences (published April 2013) said that consumers ranked their experience as:
75% Very Positive
20% Positive
and 97% would encapsulate again

As you can see, when 95% of women are reporting benefits like increased energy, increased milk production, improved postpartum mood, and overall better recovery, it's not hard to imagine why everyone from the most mainstream parents to uber crunchy are on board.

What makes Kansas City Family Birth so special?

Well I'm glad you asked. KCFB is proud to exclusively offer placenta encapsulation in the comfort and safety of your home. Our team is constantly pushing to offer the best, most safe practices in all that we do. Our process ensures the following:
-Your placenta never leaves your possession. You therefore know, without a shadow of a doubt, it is yours. There is no potential for mix ups or mishaps in a family refrigerator.
-You know exactly what is in your capsules: your placenta. We do not use fillers or additives.
-You can witness the thorough measures we take to ensure your safety. This includes complete disinfection using OSHA's bloodborne pathogen guidelines. Your body is fragile after childbirth and you will not be exposed to the microbiome and microorganisms of someone else's home.
-We can provide you with personal, complete care. All of our postpartum placenta specialists are also postpartum doulas. Have a quick breastfeeding question or can't figure out how to keep baby in that swaddle? Ask away. We are here for you. 

So... do I have to see it?

Not at all. Your involvement is completely up to you. Some families wish to touch, watch, video, or take pictures of the process. Others enjoy their new baby from the comfort of the bed and only see the finished product that looks just like a vitamin. We handle all of the supplies, set up, and clean up. Placentas are steamed with fresh lemon and ginger in the water, so any smell associated with the process is usually found to be pleasant. Your kitchen is left clean and sparkling. You get all the benefits while knowing you also have the safest product and procedure available. Your postpartum placenta specialist will be in touch with you in the following weeks to help pave the path to a more peaceful postpartum.

Ready to take the leap? Have more questions? Send us an email here and Sunny will contact you within 24 hours.

Wishing you a peaceful postpartum.