The Best Doula in Kansas City


We hear this question so often on social media.

"Who do you recommend for a doula in Kansas City?"

Everyone pops up and has their own opinion, of course! Many people are tagged with recollections of their own birth and how that doula supported them. But their birth may not be what you want for your birth. How do you know who the best doula is?

Simple. You ask.

The best doula for you is the one that fits best in your vision.

Ask yourself (and your potential doula) these questions...

Does this doula support your plan, no ifs, ands, or buts?

We often hear, "I support xyz IF..." or "Yes, BUT only IF they have read this study/book/article." That is conditional support. IF your doula doesn't support you unconditionally, they may not be the right choice for you. Birth and parenting require flexibility and unbiased support!

Does this doula have a rock-solid plan for backup should they be unavailable? Can you meet this person?

Obviously doulas are people with lives as well and sometimes we have inescapable reasons for being unavailable. (After all, you wouldn't want a sick doula around your new little one!) Does the doula you're considering have a plan for if that happens? Who will attend your birth or work with your family should they be unable to?

Does this doula make you and your family feel comfortable?

Can you see them fitting into your plan? One of the most important aspects of your birth and postpartum is being completely comfortable with who is in your space. You get to invite ONLY the people that you and your family are comfortable around! 

Is this doula running a business or doing this as a hobby?

This may not seem super important at first glance but we think it is. Someone who has taken the time and effort to be professionally trained, uses streamlined systems and contracts, is open and honest about their practices and answers questions directly will not play around when it comes to you. A professional knows that your family is important to them and will make every effort to ensure you know that you are top priority. It's not as easy to say that for someone who dabbles here and there and you deserve someone who takes your birth and postpartum support seriously.

This time in your life is one that you get to be in complete control of. Making sure that your doula is the best doula in Kansas City means making sure that you choose the one that suits you. 

Curious about our answers to these questions? Give us a call or email us today to schedule your complementary consultation with our professionally trained birth and postpartum doulas. We think you'll like what you hear!