We Love KC - Sunny's Favorite Things


It's no secret that I love Kansas City, but that I also have an incurable case of wanderlust. That is complicated by 3 children, lack of funds, and a crippling fear of flying. Luckily for me, our home town has plenty of culture and adventure for our family to discover quicker than we can say "driving 24 hours in a van with three small children to Disney World." My local top 5 favorite things is in honor of my fellow travelers at heart.


1.) Explore The Wild

If wildlife is your thing, we have no shortage of local day safaris. The crowd favorite of course is the Kansas City Zoo. Improvements in the last few years to the zoo have made it fresh and exciting. My family loves watching the polar bear, penguins, and have a blast at the new orangutan exhibit. A little farther west in Louisburg you'll find Cedar Cove, a big cat conservation center. If the deep blue is more your thing, Sea Life Aquarium (while not local) is sure to please. For local conservation lovers, a visit to Burr Oak Woods or Lakeside Nature Center- where injured or abandoned animals are rehabbed to be released in to the wild- is a must.

2.) Sip Some Wine

I. love. wine. Some day, I will head off to Napa and winery hop for days. But until then, there's some pretty great choices locally to keep me happy. Better yet- several are family friendly! While some may not be so sure about taking kiddos to a winery, sipping a glass by a small lake with live music while my kids play and dance in open fields is a favorite way for our group of friends to get some adult conversation in without searching for a sitter. We have many to choose from, but my favorites are Arcadian Moon, Stonehaus Farms, and Holyfield Winery. They have our family friendly stamp of approval.

3.) Taste The World

Kansas City is a quickly growing foodie paradise. If you can't front the cash to explore quirky bistros around the world, places like Willow Springs Merchantile and Morning Day Cafe have you covered. Imagine bustling Paris swirling around you as you enjoy a crepe in front of Chez Elle. Have a cold drink out on the deck of the Canoe Club and you can almost feel the breeze coming off the ocean. Explore River Market and enjoy pho at Vietnam Cafe or the best guacamole in KC at Burrito Bros. From Jerusalem Cafe to Korma Sutra and all that Jazz, KC has you covered wherever your palett may take you.

4.) Adrenaline Aplenty

Flying isn't my thing, but that doesn't mean I don't love a good rush. And while you'll likely  never get me on a giant rope swing over Victoria Falls, I'll be in the front row of the Mamba at World's of Fun any day. Schlitterbaun boasts the world's tallest water slide. KC'ers can zip line over Swope Park at Go Ape- a zipline and tree canopy adventure or check out views from downtown KC to Lawrence at Zip KC. And just because I will be jumping out of planes exactly never, doesn't mean you won't catch me checking out the indoor skydiving at ifly.

5.) Sports

There is just something special about Kansas City sports fans. I see videos of various games all over the world and the energy of sporting events in Kansas City is right up there with the best of them. It's no surprise we've been voted the loudest stadium in the NFL, the best stadium in the MLB, and the best hocky fans in the CHL. We've won the Cup, taken the Crown, done the tomahawk chop, and been loyal member of the Orange Army. Our World Series win literally shut the city down. And really, if you've ever walked in to Kauffman Stadium and heard the Moose Call, you'll understand why our city pride is so contageous. If you want to get swept up in passionate sports energy, you won't have to go far.


This is just a small sampling of my favorite Kansas City adventures. As you can see, if the travel itch hits you, a staycation is waiting for you right here at home. You can go from trendy urban city to sprawling country and lake beaches within a 20 minute drive- faster than most people can make it to our airport.