Your life is extraordinary. Why settle for ordinary support?


Your birth. You've been thinking of this day for months. You may have prepared any number of ways from Childbirth Education to writing a detailed birth plan. The day has arrived, you're ready to have your baby.

What happens now?

Each birth experience is different, how can you know you're prepared for what lies ahead?

With the help of the best doulas from Kansas City Family Birth, you can rest assured you'll be in complete, constant care from prenatal through birth and after.

Assembling your birth dream team is one of the greatest tasks you'll take on as you dream of the birth of your baby. Your support should hear what you need and act. You need support that comes to you with no judgment, no opinion, no agenda. The team you choose will make you feel comfortable and safe. Your birth plan will be our guide.

With our intimate knowledge of birth, your provider's intimate knowledge of care and your partner's intimate knowledge of you, you can be sure that you're prepared for the journey. From filling a soothing, warm bath to helping you move in bed after an epidural, we are an extension of you, anticipating your needs and suggesting comfort measures you may not have considered. The support we provide looks different for each family's birthing wishes but one thing is consistent: authentic, unbiased care. 

Whether you plan to birth with a roar or a little more quietly, we're there with you and your partner providing ideas, answers and support.

Birth Packages start at $950.