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Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are professionally trained. The training and certification process is unique and thorough, placing an emphasis on professionalism and the highest safety standards.

Your placenta takes over hormone production for your body about 8-10 weeks into your pregnancy. It retains these hormones after it has been birthed.

For centuries, cultures have consumed the placenta to aid in healing and balancing. Once your new baby has been born, your placenta leaves your body, taking with it the hormones it had been producing. As you enjoy your new little one your hormone levels begin to rapidly decline.

The theory behind Placenta Encapsulation says consuming the placenta will allow your body to come down slower, thus avoiding common ailments reported by many new mothers.

Anecdotal evidence says those who have encapsulated their placenta experienced:

  • Decreased Mood Swings
  • Quicker/Easier Healing
  • Increased/Richer Milk Supply
  • Decreased or Less Intense Occurrence of Postpartum Depression

Packages start at $300.

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