Mallory Ann Shannon     Owner, KCFB

Mallory Ann Shannon

Owner, KCFB

dear birth and parenting pro,

For too long I've watched two things happen.

1. Solo practitioners unable to make this work for them.

2. "New" models come along with the promise of sustainability without delivering.

I can't watch this happen anymore.

I want to see thriving practices, families served, and our community served. I want to see doulas, birth photographers, IBCLCs, Newborn Care Specialists, and all those who serve the birth and parenting spaces who are able to do this work in a way that benefits them. Our chosen careers are beautiful and needed but in the midst of things, I think we've lost sight of sustainability and serving our own families as well.

What if I told you this could be your career? Your ONLY career?

What if I told you there is a way to make this a reality in your life?


I want to help.

Enter: Kansas City Family & Birth Pro Community.

Below you'll find more info on the model and how you fit in.