Baby Nurses, Night Nannies, Postpartum Doulas...where do you turn when you need some more sleep?


Kansas City Family Birth, that's where! With experience helping parents of singleton newborns, multiples, NICU graduates, and more, we're here with the expertise needed to get you and your baby (or babies) a good night's rest.

Imagine waking up to the sun peeking through your windows. You sit up in bed and realize you've slept for 8 straight hours and for the first time in a while, you feel human again. You walk out to find your house straightened up, your bottles clean and drying, your kitchen wiped down, and coffee being made. Your doula smiles, says, "Good morning! Baby had a great night." They ask if there's anything else you need before they leave, and you start your day.

Isn't that how postpartum should be?

Studies have shown the ability to replicate depression-like symptoms through sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep could mean the difference between a restful maternity leave and a stressed one.

With the help of your doulas, Kansas City, you can be sure you'll have every opportunity to enjoy blissful evenings full of sleep.

We know it's important for your little one to be as safe as possible. Our Postpartum Doulas are professionally trained, insured, and are certified in infant CPR. We take your family's safety incredibly seriously. KCFB doulas are constantly taking continuing education on a variety of topics from safe sleep arrangements to special considerations for NICU graduates and everything in between. 

Postpartum Doulas support your plans for your baby. We have expertise with bottle and breastfeeding, the full spectrum of parenting styles, and serving families both who choose to room share or have baby in their own nursery. We don't have preferences, we simply are there to help.

Overnight Packages begin at just $25/hour.