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We are a group doula practice co-owned by Mallory Shannon. Each member of our team has been handpicked, professionally trained and is a trusted, caring individual we proudly call family. The clients we serve love our professional, personable and completely unbiased attitudes toward their birth and parenting wishes.


family-centered support as unique as you are.


birth doula support

Physical support. Emotional support. Resources. Knowledge. Experience. Peace. Strength. Anything you need. Birth doulas are an invaluable asset to any birthing team.

overnight care

Sleep is one of the key factors to ensuring a peaceful and smooth transition into life with your new baby. When deciding between a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, night nurse, and night nanny it can be overwhelming. Let us help.

postpartum doula support

Lactation support. Sibling support. Whole family support. Adding a Postpartum doula means an extra set of hands and eyes to ease the transition for your newest family member.


overnight care

When searching for a night nanny, night nurse, or postpartum doula to care for your little one overnight, it's overwhelming to find exactly who you need. Kansas City Family Birth brings expert care and years of experience when taking care of your family overnight. Get the rest your family needs and make sure your baby is in the best hands.


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